jueves, diciembre 8

What fuck is fall in love for you? to me,
Love is no just say, I like that boy "I'm in love"
people usually confuse Love with obsession and both
are two things REALLY diferent, cuz' someone that is in love is a person happy, that is loving someone, and, someone obsessed is that one who always speak of a guy who never look at you,so, how can you love someone that never loves you? someone who never told you how much it loves you? if you never feel butterflies in your stomach when you are with he? if he never kiss you, how can you fall in love with him?  and maybe, tomorrow other person takes its place and suddenly you forget that one who you used to be "in love".
Today everyone say I'M IN LOVE when they're not, 
I'm not the most indicated to told em' you are not in love, cuz', I had never be in, but, I spend a day do it, with someone who I really love, and someone that'll love me too...